Whacked! Slot Overview

Whacked! is a gangster-themed online slot from Nolimit City, known for its controversial themes. You know it has nothing to do with receiving a nice clip around the ears for messing up or doing something stupid. Whacked! means gangsta-style elimination—swimming with the fishes, pushing up daisies, etc. Maybe someone snitched or a rival violated territory? Whatever the cause, whacking is happening, and since Nolimit City has released some of the most cruel slots, why not check out what that is.

Funny, most people wish to avoid gangsters, but movies like The Godfather and TV programs like The Sopranos are popular. It may be Nietzsche’s “Truth is ugly.” We have art to avoid perdition. Something like that. Whacked!’s setting, a desert roadside vehicle cemetery beside a petrol station, has been carefully crafted. Rocky slopes, azure skies, and desert vegetation brought back thoughts of Albuquerque, the scene for Breaking Bad. In the bonus round, the same area is used, but at night. Finally, Nolimit City’s music and sound effects, which swirled like a 70s gangster show with Eastern European and Latino influences and f-bombs, would delight listeners.

Whacked! doesn’t have Nolimit City’s massive winning potential, but its other numbers are comparable. This implies three RTP combinations, maxing out at 96.07% when betting 20 p/c to £/€100 each spin, with ‘Extreme’ volatility according to Nolimit City. The avalanche mechanic replaces winning symbols with symbols above them with a 25.03% hit rate.

243 ways to win are displayed on a 5×3 grid matrix, however xWays symbols boost ways to 7,776. Rope, dagger, knuckle dusters, handgun, and shotgun pay 0.5 to 0.9 times the stake, while 5 toughened character symbols pay 1 to 2 times. Wild symbols can replace any pay sign.

Whack! Slot Features

Whacked!’s Whacked Spins bonus round is rare for Nolimit City. Lock ‘N’ Load, xWays, xNudge, Russian Roulette, and Nolimit Bonus join Whacked Spins.

Load ‘N’ Lock

New bullets are placed into the cylinder after a winning combination. Lock ‘N’ Load activates when the cylinder has 6 bullets and no more wins. Bullets randomly hit high-paying reel character symbols while engaged. When struck, wild symbols replace them. Leftover bullets are preserved if there are 5 or less high-paying symbols.


Half symbols are created by xWays symbols expanding to 2 or 4. Half symbols pay like full symbols and stay until no wins or avalanches occur.


Reels with 3 scatters activate Whacked Spins. Whacked Spins start with x1 as the basic wager underneath each reel.

Hack Spins

A win below the reels resets Whacked Spins to 3 spins. Coin values are times the basic wager, and feature winnings are added to the counter at the bottom of each reel. After the round, the values are totalled for a payment. On landing, the xRevolver cylinder sign provides one of six features: Coins, xWays, xNudge, or Russian Roulette. Each symbol acts as follows:

Coins multiply bets.

xWays expands to show 3 coins worth 1–20 times the wager.

xNudge awards 3 multipliers of x1, x2, or x3 depending on where it hits. The symbol multiplier increases by 1x with each nudge. Each xNudge increases the reel bottom value.

When enabled, Russian Roulette resets spins to 3 but not again. After spins, value wins are doubled rather than added. Only xRevolver symbols can trigger Russian Roulette.

No-limit Bonus

Hitting the star button activates the Nolimit Bonus, where players can enter for 88 times their stake. Maximum bonus purchase RTP is 96.15%.

Whacked!: Slot Results

Quite simple for a Nolimit City slot. There was minimal cross-referencing of paytable rules, double-checking the fine print of each feature, and yet becoming bewildered by the game’s curveballs. Whacked!’s base game is simple: standard high-pay symbols become wilds when the bullet collecting goes well, and xWays symbol splits accompany the avalanching for the bonus round. Or, at 88x, a more affordable price. Though not the most stunning thing the studio has done, the gangsta theme nonetheless pushes limits (for an online slot) and is handled with usual Nolimit City flair. Whacked! didn’t hit the senses as hard as KMC, Mental, or Disturbed, but players who like Nolimit City’s aggressive attitude may still gamble without regard to taste or tradition. This time a gangster/hiding evidence in the weeds.

The gameplay wasn’t wacky like Nolimit City’s. As said, the NLC team’s main game is as simple as it comes, thus testing was practically trouble-free. The bonus round triggers, and Whacked Spins are novel for a squad that seldom uses streak respin rounds, making things more intriguing technically. As expected, this is no simple game of striking sticky currency icons and collecting their worth. Unlike Money Train 3, it’s not a hold’n win game. With multiplier values building up at the bottom of the reels and collecting the total at the conclusion of the round, Whacked Spins resembled Hacksaw Gaming. Russian Roulette, a rare feature that multiplies reel values rather than adding them, highlighted the Hacksaw Ging ring.

Get incredibly fortunate, like’made’ lucky, to use a related reference, and Whacked! can win 11,912 times the wager. Not the greatest amount in Nolimit City, but a peak win probability of 1 in 900,000 may benefit the big winners. This seems the company wasn’t aiming for world dominance with Whacked!, but it’s still a fun online slot for keyboard ‘smart men’ looking for a new hold ‘n win option.






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