An Overview of Big Fin Bay Slots

If you’re not comfortable working together with your rivals, do anything they would find familiar. The Big Fin Bay slot machine by Thunderkick is a fishing-themed game that alludes to this adage. Most people will see the game’s resemblance to the Megaways series, but they’ll also realize that it finally goes in its own direction. Players interested in dynamic reels or those searching for big game fishing-based winning potential will likely like what Thunderkick has done.

Fishin’ Frenzy is frequently the first slot game that comes to mind when one considers fishing slots. Big Fin Bay graphically recalls the earlier fishing slot from Reel Time, suggesting that this game was also on the thoughts of the Thunderkick design team. It’s a 6-reel slot machine game with a lot of blue and symbols that look like they may have been pulled from a vintage slot machine. Obviously, if your game’s main focus is fishing on the first body of water, you’ll need a lot of blues. Unless you artificially manufacture overcast skies, not many imaginations take place on a day like that. Instead, there are house developments that slope down to the sea at the edge of the screen, evoking images of idyllic summer vacation spots like Amalfi or a cruise down the Croatian coast.

Big Fin Bay, with its placid seas and firm RTP of 96.14%, is based on a very volatile mathematical model. Although it seems like a Megaways slot in a snapshot, this game uses a new set of rules from BTG’s game engine and may be played for anywhere from 10 cents to £/€100 each spin. To begin, the base game has a set number of pay ways of 5,040 whenever two or more identical symbols appear on adjacent reels during play. The symbols do not stay in the same place from spin to spin, therefore it is possible to get a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 combination on one spin and a 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 combination on the next. Despite the lack of a cascading feature, Thunderkick’s free spins may still go crazy.

The majority of the higher-value symbols in the paytable include fish, with a gruff, Popeye-like fisherman serving as the cherry on top. You can win anywhere from two times to seven times your original bet if you get six of a type. The remaining five symbols with lower payouts are generic. Ten-A icons that are suitable for any use fill out this section.

Slot Functions in Big Fin Bay

The wild marlin icon plays a significant role in both the main game and the extra feature of Big Fin Bay. Wilds can appear on any reel and replace any other pay symbol to help create winning combos. When a win contains wilds, those wilds will grow to fill the whole reel.

And at any moment throughout the main game, a mystery wilds feature might appear at random. If it is, up to three reels will go wild for the remainder of the current spin. When this option is selected, scattered objects will not settle.

If you get three or more scatters, you’ll enter a bonus game where you may win up to 36 free spins (six for each scatter on the reels). Similarly, wilds play a crucial role. Once it falls on a reel, it will expand to fill the entire reel and initiate a respin. During the respin, an additional wild symbol is placed to the reel with wild symbols, increasing the number of possible combinations. Furthermore, the increased height of the reels, up to a maximum of 7 symbols, is maintained for the duration of the free spins. When at maximum size, you get an extra three free games. When all reels are at their maximum height of seven symbols, 117,649 options are available.

The Case for Big Fin Bay Slots

Big Fin Bay may remind you at first of Megaways, but it plays quite differently. Similar-sounding reel numbers, symbols, and payways are all part of the connection between the two games. Oh, right, if we’re going to pick apart the details, the grid seems identical as well. Big Fin Bay has its own distinct strategy for achieving wins and activating bonus rounds while in play. Big Fin Bay isn’t a rip-off, but it’s close enough to the gameplay mechanics of BTG to bring back fond memories.

Expanding wild symbols in Big Fin Bay contribute significantly to wins by functioning as a multiplier. Thunderkick’s addition to the trend of dynamic reels in modern slot machines may be a lot of fun. It is helpful that the number of bonus spins available is rather large. When you add in the option of respins during a bonus round, you have a lot of leeway to play with more reels and paylines. If all goes according to plan, players at Big Fin Bay may earn up to 15,040 times their initial wager.

After finding success with their 6×4 pay-all-ways format, Thunderkick decided to go beyond their prior 4,096 ways cap and experiment with dynamic reels. Big Fin Bay, like the activity it mimics, can suddenly become incredibly exciting for no apparent reason. All in all, Big Fin Bay is there to pick up the slack for those who have lost interest in Fishin’ Frenzy since the novelty has worn off.






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